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One thing I love as much as photography is educating other photographers.  It has been a huge part of my business and the success I have seen of other photographers I have mentored has been so fulfilling.  Education is so important, especially when it comes to newborn + studio photography.  There are so many techniques that go into a successful session and I am ready to share those with you!

I released my first online/video “Workshop in a Box” 1 year ago.  My B Couture “Workshop in a Box” is a start to finish studio workshop covering every thing I do from studio setups, client relations, business, posing, settings, lighting, and even several editing videos.  No only does the workshop include a 20+ page “Book of Secrets”, but it also includes 14 videos that go more in depth on the content covered in my book.  The best part is, students are able to learn from me in the comfort of their own home!

I am so grateful for all the support I have received, so to say thank you, I want to give back and share a little bit of what I do and how I achieve that fresh studio look I love so much.

 I am starting a new series at B Couture called “TUESDAY TIPS”  Every Tuesday I will be sharing a photography tip that I apply to my sessions.  I find that a little goes a long way and education is everything.  I hope these Tuesday tips will help you be more successful in your sessions.


Macro photography is a huge part of my galleries, especially when it comes to newborns.  As a newborn photographer my ultimate goal is to get as many unique shots as possible without having to pose and repose the baby.  When it comes to photographing newborns, one thing I know is that newborns are VERY unpredictable.  Some newborns come in and are so sleepy and never make a peep, but some newborns are tough.  Some are easily bothered and more alert than others, that’s just part of the job.  Because of this, I like to prepare for the worst, and make sure I am able to get a full gallery, even with those fussy babies.


TIPTUESDAY_MACRO from Chelsy Boucher on Vimeo.


As a specialized newborn photographer I cannot live without my Nikon 100mm 2.8 Macro Lens.  The time this lens saves me on posing during sessions is worth every penny.  Macro lens’s can be hard to work with, but with practice, they’re so much fun.  Below I have listed my typical settings when using my Macro Lens.  Take note that I do prefer natural light, and even in low light, am able to use my macro lens.


ISO:  800-1000

Don’t be afraid of using a high ISO.  You will need a higher F-stop and more light for macro shots, so in order to keep your speed high enough for tack sharp images, you will need to increase your ISO settings.  I also LOVE the grain the higher ISO gives.

F4 – F4.5

Because you are shooting so close, if you do not bump up your F-Stop, the image will be too blurred.  It can be very tricky to get perfect tack sharp images, and if the image is shot too wide open, you will not be able to capture enough of those cute details in focus.


It is very important that you spot focus and where you spot focus.  For example, when taking a lash shot, I am careful to focus on the lash lid that is closest to me just in front of the longest lash, not the actual lashes.  If you do not get that spot focus in just the right spot, the photos won’t look right.

ABOVE PHOTO:  ISO 640, F 4.5, 1/640 SEC

ABOVE PHOTO:  ISO 800, F 4.0, 1/1600 SEC

{I have had some very bright sunny days in the studio lately, don’t be worried if you’re speed isn’t as high.  Just be sure it’s over 1/250 for tack sharp images and hold your lens very steady by propping in on your knee or the floor}

Editing is the final touch to each macro shot.  I like to leave an organic look, but at the same time, some editing is necessary in order to avoid unnecessary distractions from the photo.  I love a nice crisp b&w edit for macro images as well.  It’s so dramatic, classic, and timeless all at the same time.  If you’d like to learn how I edit my images in LR + PS from start to finish, be sure to checkout my B COUTURE SHOP for more details on purchasing my “Workshop in a Box

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