It’s always fun sharing some of the before and after edits on some of my favorite images.  This is a photos I shot of my daughters the other night.  It was a nice cool fall night, and the sun was just setting behind my girls.  I love the original photo, so I didn’t want to make too many changes.  With a little color pop, warmth, contrast, and sharpening the results are subtle, yet beautiful!  I think the most important thing to remember in photoshop is the importance of not over-editing.  I like to play around and do some funky things to some of my work, but for the most part I like to keep things subtle.

The biggest impact on this photograph is the way the sun is positioned behind them.  You can see the sun flare coming in from the side and slightly illuminating their faces.  The lighting in a photograph and the way you position your model the most important factor in any photograph.  I feel that the cool winter light can be bland sometimes, which is why it’s great to shoot in the evenings just before sunset when the sun is a little warmer.  Winter just barely started and I am already missing my warm summer nights!

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