Photoshop Fun! {Southern Utah Portrait Photographer}

I have had some people request some before/after demos of some of my images.  I cannot express enough how amazing photoshop can be.  Photoshop is not for FIXING bad photos, but for making good properly exposed photos look AMAZING!  Before you can perfect photoshop, you must perfect shooting in Manual so you can control your exposure and obtain the look you want.  This is a photo of my beautiful daughter Brynlee.  As you can see, the original photo is gorgeous, but a little dull, and somewhat lifeless.  With a little color pop, and a soft, warm overlay, this photo now has a beautiful vintage, timeless look.  I finished it off with a little contrast in order to add depth to the photo.


I know that many people wonder why it can be so expensive to have your photos taken by a professional, custom photographer.  I must say that the difference between an average photograph and a stunning photograph is photoshop.  The funny thing about photoshop is that is can be VERY time consuming, which is why is can be a little more costly to get custom, fully edited images.  In the end, I feel it is well worth the added expense to get extraordinary photos that you will cherish forever, verses saving a little money and getting okay pictures….now it’s time to convince your hubby of this 🙂

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