I feel like the most blessed mama in the whole world with these 3 little loves.  I am so lucky to be their mama and to be blessed with such an amazing life full of love, health, and happiness.  I do not take or share their photos often enough, but when I do, they just melt my heart.  I have spent many hours lately regretting always turning my back to their beautiful faces and spending too much time working, and not enough time kissing their sun kissed skin; which is why I have made a few changes at B Couture.

I am always telling everyone how much I LOVE my job, and it’s to the point that I am honestly obsessed with photography at times.  I spend hours researching, educating myself, practicing, and planning so I can be the best possible photographer I can for myself and for my clients.  I take pride in every photo I give my clients.  I can honestly say that I have never given a client a photo that wasn’t fully touched up.  I just don’t have it in me to take shortcuts and do things half way.  I take the time to edit each and every photo from color adjustments, skin smoothing, and removing imperfections.  There is nothing fast about what I do, and I do not pride myself in being the shoot and burn “cheap” photographer.  In addition to my time, I can honestly say that I only invest in the best cameras, lens’s, computers, props, clothing, and accessories for my studio.  There is a lot that goes into getting a well exposed, properly lit, TACK SHARP image.  There is good photography equipment, and then there’s great photography equipment.  It’s hard take amazing photos without amazing lens’s, there’s just no way around it.  If you are booking a session with me, it’s because you are coming for quality, not quantity.

I am limiting myself  to about 3 photography sessions per week, and 1-2 mentoring session per month.  I know, setting a number may seem silly, but it’s my best way to limit what I have scheduled.  I have been in business for about 5 years, and one thing I’ve learned is that the only way I can continue to be the best photographer I can and to always give my clients the best of me, and my best work is to not take every session that comes my way.  I am a specialized photographer, and I do not take every kind of session.  I am a studio newborn, baby, child, maternity, boudoir, and the occasional SMALL family photographer.  I do not do large groups or events, and I only take small families who are returning clients.  The best part about being a newborn photographer is that it tends to be the most time consuming, but most rewarding too!

I truly love my clients and cherish the relationships I have gained throughout my years as a photographer, which is a huge reason I am writing this blog post.  My returning clients know that if you want to get in, it’s easy, just plan ahead.  I get a lot of people hoping to get in last minute, and as much as it absolutely breaks my heart to turn away clients, these 3 little cuties is why I do.  As stated on the prices page of my website, I am open for sessions Monday-Thursday mornings from 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m., and on the occasional week night if it’s an outdoor session.  I rarely take sessions on the weekends, and if a weekend session is necessary, I do charge a $50 weekend fee.  If booking with me, please be prepared to come during my open studio hours.

I truly feel so blessed and humbled to have so much interest in my work and such amazing clients, but after long nights full of tears and tired eyes, I have learned my limits and have committed to sticking to them.  If you book a session with me, I promise to follow through, be dependable, and deliver your photos in less than 2 weeks; and in the end, I am sure we will have made a great friendship too!  I hope I have enlightened you all to how I run my business, and why I sometimes have to say no.  If you would like to get in with me this fall, please book now to be safe.  I generally book out about 8 weeks in advance, and sometimes more in the fall.  I do have a waiting list in case of cancellations, so don’t give up on me too quick.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram @bcouturephoto for booking updates and lots of cute photos!


Chelsy Boucher, B Couture Photography


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