NEWBORN BABY J…Utah Newborn Baby + Family Photography Studio

I absolutely ADORE this family and was so excited to photograph their newest addition!  I have been photographing their darling kids for a couple of years now and they have always been so much fun to work with.  I have never seen a classier, more beautiful family in my life!  Anymore it seems like well more than half of my clients are returning clients and it seriously makes my job SO fun.  I love watching all these darling families grow and welcome new babies into their family.  Being a photographer is so fun because you get to be a part of major, exciting milestones in peoples lives. It’s so rewarding!  I am sure you will love this session as much as I do!


1509JACE SHAWN580-Edit1509JACE SHAWN540-Edit1509JACE SHAWN532-Edit1509JACE SHAWN521-Edit1509JACE SHAWN517-Edit1509JACE SHAWN493-Edit1509JACE SHAWN485-Edit1509JACE SHAWN471-Edit1509JACE SHAWN440-Edit1509JACE SHAWN426-Edit1509JACE SHAWN419-Edit1509JACE SHAWN395-Edit1509JACE SHAWN391-Edit1509JACE SHAWN350-Edit1509JACE SHAWN359-Edit1509JACE SHAWN388-Edit1509JACE SHAWN329-Edit1509JACE SHAWN310-Edit1509JACE SHAWN271-Edit1509JACE SHAWN210-Edit1509JACE SHAWN193-Edit1509JACE SHAWN107-Edit1509JACE SHAWN089-Edit1509JACE SHAWN019-Edit1509JACE SHAW098-Edit1509JACE SHAW084-Edit1509JACE SHAW065-Edit1509JACE SHAW042-Edit

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