I love getting to know new photographers and sharing a passion with those eager to learn!  I have mentored several photographer from all over the nation and have had such a positive experience.  It’s been amazing to see other photographers grow and develop their passion.

My method of shooting and running a business is very consistent from lighting, session workflow, and editing.  I do the same steps with every session and have found a lot of success in providing my clients with consistency, structure, and reliability.  I feel that my methods of shooting and editing is very teachable, and I am here to share those secrets with you!  If you choose to mentor with me, I promise to be an open book and share the things that work for me and my business.  No photography questions are off limits!

I offer 1:1 STUDIO mentoring for $1,000, or 1:2 mentoring for $800 each person if you’d like to share the day with a friend and get a break on your investment.



Mentee’s will spend the day in the studio with me and a darling newborn, mom, and baby/child!  We will start the day out with session prep and setting up the studio.  I will show you how I do all my different setups.  I will also share with you my session prep info, and touch base on how I run my business and schedule on a day to day basis.

We will have 1 newborn, 1 mom, and 1 baby/child come to the studio so I can show you how I run both my newborn and baby/child sessions.  I love newborn photography, but I also love following those cute little newborns as they grow up, so I feel it is important to know how to photograph children as well!

I will cover shooting both natural light and studio light.  I feel it is important as a photographer to know how to use both natural and studio light, and I actually go back and forth from the two in many of my sessions depending on my setup.  I will also cover camera settings, white balance, and how to get beautiful natural back lit photos.


The main focus of our studio time will be with newborns.  I will cover lighting, angles, soothing, posing, safety, and the workflow I use for my newborn sessions!  I will also go into how to get those darling detail macro shots that I LOVE so much!  A majority of the day will be focused on newborns since that is my speciality and there is a LOT of information to learn when it comes to photographing newborns.  There are some great techniques that can make or break your newborn session and I cannot wait to share the things I have learned from photographing hundreds of tiny little babies!


 After spending most of the day in the studio, we will then relax and I will go over my editing process.  I use both Lightroom and Photoshop to edit my photos, and I use the exact same process on each and every studio photo.  It is simple, easy to learn, and will make your editing SO efficient and consistent!


I am only offering mentoring for those who live and run their business MORE THAN 2 HOURS away from St George, Utah!  NO LOCALS PLEASE

Mentoring is intended for those who have experience shooting with a professional DSLR camera and who are familiar with shooting in manual mode.  Be sure you are familiar with aperture, ISO, shutter speed and how to adjust these settings on your camera.  I will discuss the white balance settings I use and how I setup my camera, reflector, and my light for each session.  I shoot with a Nikon D750, 85mm 1.4G lens, 35mm 1.4G lens, and 105mm 2.8G Macro lens.  You do not have to have the same equipment to mentor with me, as we will be using the basic manual mode and custom white balance that can be set on most Professional DSLR cameras.  I will send your B Couture Photography “Book Of Secrets” before your mentoring session so you are familiar with the camera settings you will need to know beforehand so you can come prepared and ready to learn.  Please be sure to bring your “Book Of Secrets” with you to your mentoring session.

These are just the basics I will cover in your mentoring session, but the great part about coming to a 1-on-1 mentoring session versus a workshop is that we can tailor the session to fit your needs!  Upon booking, I will have you fill out a questionnaire so you can make note of the specific things you are struggling with and would like to learn.  My goal is to tailor your mentoring session to fit your specific needs!

If you are interested in booking a 1-on-1, or 1-on-2 mentoring session with me, be sure to e-mail me at so we can set a date or if you have any further questions!

A $300 non-refundable deposit will be required for your mentoring session booking









I live approximately 2 hours North of Las Vegas, Nevada.  If flying, you can choose to either fly into the St George Airport {SUG} or into the Las Vegas Airport {LAS} and take a shuttle to St George, Utah.  I would suggest staying in the Holiday Inn Express & Suites : St. George North – Zion.  There are some very fun attractions nearby such as Zion National Park and Tuacahn Amphitheater.  Southern Utah is a beautiful travel destination!

A non-refundable $300 Deposit is required to reserve a mentoring session and will be applied towards your session fee. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior to your mentoring session.  The deposit can be transferred to another date if ABSOLUTELY necessary, but is non-refundable if session in canceled.  Please let me know at least 2 weeks before your mentoring session if you need to change dates.  Mentee’s will be required to sign a non-compete agreement agreeing not to run a photography business within 150 miles of Hurricane, Utah.  

One-on-one mentoring is a different package from my Workshop in a Box and videos are NOT included with one-on-one mentoring.  


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You understand the purpose of this photography course is to grow your skills as a photographer and business owner.  The purpose of this course in NOT to replicate or plagiaries the work of Chelsy Boucher from B Couture Photography, but rather to be inspired, learn new techniques, and build upon your own personal artwork.  


Mentoring Questionnaire