GOLD, PINK, AND VERY CHIC…Little Girls Bedroom Design

In-between making a baby and taking LOTS of pictures, I have been busily finishing my girls new bedroom.  Now that we are having a baby boy, the girls get to share a bedroom.  I wanted to make this transition fun and exciting for them, so I let them help me decorate a whole new stylish bedroom.  Since we are having to put a lot of furniture in a smaller room, I wanted to keep everything very simple and fresh.  I did so by using light colors, minimal decor, and a lot of white.  I like things very girly, but my girls are getting older, so I wanted to keep things a little more trendy and posh to fit their diva personalities!

My favorite detail is for  sure the fun gold Chevron Pattern.  I got another cute stencil from {ROYAL DESIGN STUDIO} and my amazing husband went to work and added this fun little detail.  I wanted something subtle, but kind of trendy and fun so I decided it would be fun to just stencil the back of the shelves.  I think it adds the perfect detail without overdoing it.  If you want to add something a little different to your home, then stencils are for sure the way to go, and {ROYAL DESIGN STUDIO} is the place to get them.  They have a TON of different styles, and their stencils are really easy to use.  Here is the link to the {CHEVRON STENCIL}.  We have done a few different styles in our home, and I’ve loved every one!


I am kind of digging my pink chevron bird pillows.  I actually made these by cutting a stencil out and painting it onto the fabric.  When you can’t find what you are looking for, then make it yourself!

This Starburst Mirror from Pier One Imports is for sure one of my favorite pieces!  It is the perfect vintage touch to this eclectic bedroom!

Another fun element is this fun wall gallery.  I just found some old, vintage frames from a local antique dealer and painted them all high gloss white.  I know, they are missing something very important, but their pictures are still in the works.  I am waiting for the orchards to be in bloom so I can take some pictures of my girls out with the pink flowers.  I can’t wait to finish off their bedroom with some big, gorgeous spring pictures!

We had a lot of fun making these gold sparkly letters for each of the girls.  I just found blog cardboard letter from Roberts Arts and Crafts and went to town with the mod-podge and glitter.  When they where dried we sprayed them with polyurethane in order to make the sparkles stay.  They just might be one of my favorite accessories!  I also love the mixture of new, high gloss accessories combined with the vintage accents.  I even went as far as covering some old books with white paper.  I didn’t want too much color so this was the perfect solution!

I hope you have enjoyed our girly bedroom redo!  I sometimes miss working in the Interior Design industry, so it’s fun to share my passion for design every once in a while.  I still have a few finishing touches to do in their room, but overall, I couldn’t be happier with the results!

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