CLASS OF 2015 SOUTHERN UTAH SENIOR REPS…St George, Cedar City Utah Senior and Teen Photographer

The day has finally come to share all of the fun photos of these ridiculously STUNNING senior Reps for B Couture!

I am SO thrilled to do more styled senior shoots, and this was a great way to kick of many more fun things to come at B Couture.  I have a passion for working with teen girls, and I am so grateful to have these cute girls represent me as my 2015 Senior Reps!


Chanlie Randall, Dixie High Class of 2015

Lindsay Kapcsos, Hurricane High Class of 2015


Janessa Kraupp, Pine View High Class of 2015

Special thanks to Elizabeth from {BEAUTY BY ELIZABETH FAYE}, {WILD BLOOM FLOWERS}, and {RECYCLED CONSIGN AND DESIGN} for contributing to this fun session!

If you are graduating this year, now is the time to book your Winter/Spring Senior Portrait Photography Session!  I fill up fast and I don’t want to miss the chance to capture this amazing time in your life, so book early to guarantee availability!


14092015 SENIOR REPS102-Edit-214092015 SENIOR REPS091-Edit14092015 SENIOR REPS105-Edit

14092015 SENIOR REPS220-Edit14092015 SENIOR REPS225-Edit14092015 SENIOR REPS295-Edit14092015 SENIOR REPS316-Edit14092015 SENIOR REPS331-Edit bw-214092015 SENIOR REPS353-Edit14092015 SENIOR REPS382-Edit bw-214092015 SENIOR REPS409-Edit14092015 SENIOR REPS414-Edit14092015 SENIOR REPS423-Edit

14092015 SENIOR REPS439-Edit14092015 SENIOR REPS492-Edit14092015 SENIOR REPS506-Edit14092015 SENIOR REPS550-Edit14092015 SENIOR REPS570-Edit14092015 SENIOR REPS574-Edit bw-214092015 SENIOR REPS622-Edit-214092015 SENIOR REPS652-Edit14092015 SENIOR REPS663-Edit14092015 SENIOR REPS676-Edit bw-2

14092015 SENIOR REPS737-Edit FLARE-214092015 SENIOR REPS683-Edit haze-214092015 SENIOR REPS721-Edit

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