BUBBLE BUBBLE…Utah Baby and Child Lifestyle Photographer

Oh my little Jude is officially the craziest, silliest, cutest little toddler ever!!!  He brings me new challenges everyday, and he keeps me on my feet, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Taking pictures of 2 year olds, especially when they’re your own child is next to impossible.  The only way to contain this guy for more than 2 seconds is to put him in a tub of bubbles.  He takes a bath at least 2 times a day, and it’s his favorite thing.  I am a clean freak, which is a little tricky with a boy, so we have really learned to love baths…LOL!  I am thinking I may have to start offering bath time photos for the cute little toddlers who come to see me!


1504JUDE BATH046-Edit1504JUDE BATH061-Edit

1504JUDE BATH161-Edit

1504JUDE BATH115-Edit bw-2

1504JUDE BATH027-Edit1504JUDE BATH204-Edit

1504JUDE BATH175-Edit bw-21504JUDE BATH224-Edit

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