Bright and Whimsical Playroom {Wednesday Design Inspiration}

I am an interior designer gone photographer; so why not share some fun interior design ideas and inspiration.
This room is our playroom/game room (or should I say Just Dance room).  It is not a very big room, so I wanted to be sure to keep the furniture to a minimum, and keep it open and bright.  Most of the items where found on craigslist, or at consignment shops.  I love designing on a budget, but within reason.  I try to find a nice balance between great finds and dirt cheap prices, but at the same time, incorporating a few of those irresistible unique items.
The TV cabinet was a fabulous $20 Craigslist find!  I needed some more color on the wall, so I covered some canvas boards with fabric and stenciled on the silhouettes.  I wanted them to be identical so I could maintain some symmetry in the room.  Fabric wall art is one of my favorite, inexpensive ways to bring in large wall art at an affordable price.  Plus, I needed something to downplay the slightly overpowering TV.
I had a little extra wallpaper, so I had to put it to use.  I cutout these fun bird shapes out of wallpaper and pasted them to the wall…perfect finishing touch!
The wallpaper doesn’t photograph well because it is so subtle, but if you look close, the back wall has a fun, yet simple wallpaper application.  I am a huge fan of wallpaper, and I can’t get enough!  It is so simple to do, and a very inexpensive way to spice up a room.
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