BODE {12 DAYS NEW}…Utah Newborn Baby Photographer

There are some sessions that I just cannot resist sharing almost all of the photos, and this is one of them!  Oh my…little Bode is just down right adorable!!!  I kept everything really simple and sleek and made all the pics about the baby for this session!  With a face like that, there are no need for props!  I just adore this cute little guys mom and am feeling pretty lucky that I got to snuggle her cute little guy!


1412BODE NEWBORN023-Edit bw-21412BODE NEWBORN053-Edit1412BODE NEWBORN075-Edit1412BODE NEWBORN082-Edit bw-21412BODE NEWBORN085-Edit1412BODE NEWBORN109-Edit bw-2

1412BODE NEWBORN092-Edit1412BODE NEWBORN123-Edit1412BODE NEWBORN128-Edit bw-21412BODE NEWBORN140-Edit1412BODE NEWBORN156-Edit1412BODE NEWBORN200-Edit1412BODE NEWBORN223-Edit1412BODE NEWBORN247-Edit1412BODE NEWBORN266-Edit bw-21412BODE NEWBORN322-Edit1412BODE NEWBORN419-Edit

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